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  आंचलिक विज्ञान केंद्र भोपाल नए Covid19 SOP नियमों के अनुसार 15 मई 2021 तक आगंतुकों के लिए बंद रहेगा।

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लिक्विड नाइट्रोजन शो

Super Cool Show
(Liquid Nitrogen)

A set of unique experiments that demonstrate how differently things behave at very low temperatures. Effects of low temperature on different objects can be seen in this show. Watch this breath-taking show and learn about the physical changes that take place in ordinary materials and how unexpectedly they behave at around –196° C.
Duration: SDL is of ½ hour   
Minimum Batch Size: 30 nos. (Prior booking required)
Fees: Rs. 10 per head.
For booking please write us on

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