आँचलिक विज्ञान केंद्र भोपाल

प्रोग्राम कैलेंडर

• Please note that the dates/periods/programmes mentioned are subject to change.
• Schools are requested to contact RSC, Bhopal for taking part in the activities of their choice as per the calendar.
• The Centre is open on all days for the students and general public, except on Holi & Diwali.
• website : www.rscbhopal.gov.in    e-mail : rscbhopal@dataone.in
• Follow us on www.facebook.com/RSC.Bhopal, For further details please contact on 0755-2661655
• Besides the dates mentioned above, every day S.D.Ls, Taramandal shows, 3D Film shows & Sky Observation Programmes (Weather permitted: Saturday/Sunday Evenings) will be conducted.
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