Regional Science Centre Bhopal

Centre will remain closed on 12th May 2019 on account of Poling day for Lok sabha Election declared by Election Commission of India.

Vacation Creative Science Workshop 2019

During the Vacation Creative Science Workshops-2019 at the Centre in different disciplines the participating students will be exposed to hands on experience and prepare/do their curriculum based kits/experiments in their respective subjects.
1. Mathematics(25-29 April 2019, Std. VII to X):
In mathematics  students will be exposed to hands on experience and prepare their curriculum based 4/5 mathematics Kits during the workshop.
2. Biology (06-10 May 2019, 11-16 May 2019, STd. VII to IX):
In Biology students will prepare slides of different types of Cells, exposed to enzyme activity and factors affecting it, ABO and Rh factor of blood grouping detection in blood samples, Qualitative and quantitative tests of carbohydrate, DNA isolation from plant and animal tissue etc. during the workshop.
3. Corel Draw(25-29 April 2019, Std. VII to X):
In CORELDRAW students will learn to Paint, Draw objects, making small and attractive designs during the workshop. It is very useful for making school projects using images and texts and creative designs. Students can take the colour print out of their work daily.
4. Electronics (06-10 May  2019, Std. VIII to X):
In Electronics students may learn the basics of electronics, identify different electronic components, use digital multi-meter to check the components. They will assemble two small working kits and study the function of each components and the project. 
5. Physics (11-16 May 2019, Std. VII to IX):
In Physics,  priority will be given for hands on experience and students will prepare their syllabus oriented working physical science kits based on mechanics, electricity, optics, sound & thermodynamics etc. during the workshop.
6. Robotics-Beginners (20-24 May 2019, Std. VI to IX):
In begnners they will learn the basics of Robot and the Robotics branch. Assembling of different bots  and their programming using LEGO EV3 mindsterm kit viz; Hand Generator Car, Castor bot, uses of different sensors such as light, colour, ultrasonic etc.
7. Robotics-Advanced
(05-09,11-16 & 27-31 May 2019, Std. VII to IX):
In Robotics advanced, programming using multiple sensors, sumo bot, tug of war between the bots etc. will be taught to them. During these days, Line following robot, Explore robot, Robot fight, Fork lift, Competition etc. will be taught to the students with special focus on programming.
8. Model rocketry (20-24 May 2019, Std. VI to IX):     In Model rocketry, students will get exposure to basics of rocketry, its history and parts of a rocket (Bodytube, Nose cone, fins, thrustring, coupling tube, launch lug etc.), the science involved in it and their assembling. They will prepare rockets of different sizes using pastel sheet and solid fuel under our strict supervision and guidance. Also for each and every rocket they prepare, they will test its Centre of Pressure, stability test, rectify them before  launching.  Even students will prepare some kits (Altitude Tracker & Altitude Calculator) to measure the approximate angle/height of the rocket during launching.
9. Aeromodeling (27-31 May 2019, Std. VIII to X):    
In Aeromodeling, students will get exposure to the basics of flying and the different principles involved in it including the concepts of pitch, yaw & roll etc.. Using high density thermocole & pastel sheet they will prepare different parts of gliders (Fuselage, Port wing, Starboard wing, Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, vertical stabilizer, horizontal stabiliser etc.) and assemble them and make them fly after certain tests.