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  Regional Science Centre Bhopal will remain closed for visitors till 15th May 2021 as per new Covid19 SOP rules.

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Mirror Gallery

You must have used mirrors that are flat. But what if it is curved! What manifestation does varying the magnitude and direction of curvature of a mirror create? What happens when mirror placed in different angle to each other?

Have you ever experience two way mirror? Did you know Mirror is used in projection systems and have variety of scientific and military application? This gallery provides opportunity to unravel physics of reflection by experiencing the phenomenon through various exhibits on display.


List of Exhibits in this gallery

Sl No. Name of Exhibit

1.          Introduction

2.          Ghost Walk

3.          True Image

4.          Anamorphic Image

5.          Duck in Kaleidoscope

6.          Inverted Image

7.          Aranmula Kannadi

8.          Mirror Maze

9.          Hollow Sphere

10.        Infinite Tunnel

11.        Fishy Mirror

12.        Multiple Image

13.        Icosahedron

14.        Smooth & Rough Reflections

15.        Dodecahedron

16.        Dine with Yourself

17.        Changing Image

18.        Trench

19.        Giant Hall

20.        Application of Mirror

21.        History of Mirror

22.        Mirror Facts

23.        Illusion Clock

24.        Ravan

25.        See your Back

26.        Infinite Train

27.        Curving Tunnel

28.        Half you Half Me

29.        Periscope

30.        You and Me

31.        Acknowledgement