Regional Science Centre , Bhopal


A 3D Science show of 50-seater capacity has been installed in this centre is well appreciated by the visitors, especially the children. One can enjoy the real life experience in the 3D Science show by seating inside the AC hall.

Regional Science Centre, Bhopal inaugurated a new 3D film titled 'The Son of Bigfoot' at the Centre on 06.07.2018 through the hands of Shri Dharmendra Kumar Sharma, District Education Officer, Bhopal.
Inauguration of HD 3D Film(6.7.18.jpg


 * Only for Museum Visitors

Duration of the show: 13 Minutes

Fee for 3D Science show:
Rs. 20/- per head for general visitors
Rs. 15/- per head for Group visitors ( 25 or more)
Rs. 10/- per head for Students in organised school group
Rs. 5/- per head for Students from govt./muncipal schools

Timings for 3D Science show:
11.00 AM, 12 Noon, 2.30 PM, 3.30P PM, 4.30 PM, 6.00 PM