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 BannerVirtualUniverse.jpg   We are extremely pleased to announce that Regional Science Centre, Bhopal is open for visitors now as per the SOPs issued by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. Of India. For details click the here    


Science centre Bhopal express gratitude to all the stakeholder in society for their support which will remain for an eons . To plan for  visitor engagement in science Center post lockdown, we request to share your views through feedback form following the link below.

26 Anniversary Day Celebration

Celebration of 26th Anniversary of RSC, Bhopal
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To register, do follow the link -

Free Programmes

1.) Online Workshop on Virtual Robotics

2.) Do it Yourself Contest for Primary Level Children

3.) Online Painting Contest on topic Sustainable Development

4.) Online Workshop cum contest on Pedal Boat Modelling

All the Popular Talks & Virtual Tours will be organized on our YouTube Channel

Virtual Tours | 26th Anniversary of RSC, Bhopal

1.) Virtual Tour | Dinosaur park

2.) Virtual Tour | Fun Science Gallery

3.) Virtual Tour | Beyond Human Vision Gallery