Objective :
Drama is one of the effective media for communication which is used extensively all over the world to express ideas and messages to all classes of the society. National Science Drama Festival (NSDF) is organised by National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), a pioneer institution involved in popularising science. The festival is held at district level, then at the state level by State Institute of Science Education, Jabalpur. The state level competition is organised in collaboration with Regional Science Centre Bhopal and the first two winner teams are sent to participate in the Zonal level at Mumbai. First two winners of the zonal level drama festival are invited to present their drama in NSDF which is held every year at one of the NCSM centres.




Topics for National Science Drama Festival are:
Life of a Scientist
Save Energy
Space & Mankind
Health for All
Wonder world of Mathematics


Who can participate :
The competition is open to the students of 8-10 std. Two winning teams from each zone (North, South, East, West) of the country will participate in the National Science Drama Festival.
• The drama can be in any official language.
• Duration of the play should not be more than 30 minutes
• There should not be more than 8 characters in the drama
• The drama must convey a scientific message
• The drama team should be able to set-up and stage the play within 10 minutes.
• The language should be easy to follow
• Elements of fun may be taken into consideration.


The gallery titled

The gallery titled 'Atmosphere - The Umbrella' highlights the importance of atmosphere for the existence of life on the Earth and making this Planet unique in the Universe. It insulates the world from the cold of Space and hoards the warmth bestowed by the Sun. Hence, some times it is rightly termed as "Umbrella". The exhibits give you an idea about the structure and variation of the atmosphere with height, the atmospheric pressure, the composition of air, the gas laws, the application of air pressure in our day to day lives, transformation and concept of air pressure etc.

Students interacting with an exhibit coriolis force

Students watching the model of earth with atmosphere

Student interacting with an exhibit composition of air


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