Science Kit making Workshops

  • RSC, Bhopal organizes various hands-on workshops on following topics on regular basis for the school/college level students . During the workshops hands-on experiences will be provided to the participating students. Also the fabricated kits can be taken away by them. At the end of the workshop they will also get a participating certificate from the Regional Science Centre, Bhopal.
Sr. No.SubjectTopicsFees
  • Centre of Gravity 
  • Air Pressure 
  • Newton’s Colour Disc 
  • Persistence of Vision 
  • Measuring altitude of stars 
  • Siphon & its Application
For fee details & other queries please contact us on: 0755 – 2661655 or you can also write to us on
  • Properties of Circle – I (Angles in the same segment)
  • Properties of Circle- II (Angle at the centre & the segment) 
  • Mathematical Puzzle (Bramha’s Disc) 
  • Value of Pi 
  • Area of Cyclic Quadrilateral & their properties
3 Robotics 
  • Hand Generator Car 
  • Castor Bot 
  • Introduction & Mounting of different sensors (ultrasonic, switch, light etc.)
  • Planetary Motion (Sun, Earth & Moon model)
  •  Phases of Moon 
  • Sundial
 5Biology & Biotechnology
  • Introduction to the world of Microbes 
  • Preparation of Different slides & Handling of Microscopes
  • Racing of Molecules (pipetting techniques will be explained through hands-on experiments)
6Learning with Arduino
  • Learning programming using Arduino
7Basics of Electronics
  • Basics of Electronics (Development of small projects)
8Computers (using professional tools)
  • 2D Animation Icon Development Draw & Design a Card

Duration: Each workshop is of 2.5 to 3 hrs. Except the computers, which is for full day.
Batch Size: For Physics, Mathematics, Electronics and Astronomy – 30 nos. (prior booking required)
for Biology/Biotechnology, Computers, Robotics, Arduino – 20 nos.

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