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Innovation Hub
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Innovation Hub
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Innovation Hub
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Innovation Hub

INNOVATION HUB is aimed at supplementing school and higher education for seeking new ways to bring innovative thinking and approach among the students.
Lab hours 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM. (Monday to Sunday except Holi and Dipawali holiday )

The facilities of Innovation Hub are:

1. An inquiry based, Hands-on science learning approach.

2. Real life problem identification & solution finding, carrying out investigative types of projects under the guidance of experts and mentors.

3. Design challenges, Kabad se Jugad (Build from the scrap), Tod Fod Jod (Disassemble and assemble simple household gadgets) and many other exciting activities.

4. We also have a robotics lab where in students from std 6th to 12th can explore the activities using Lego mind-storm kits.

5. We also have a micro-controller based system design lab wherein students can work with micro-controllers to develop gadgets.
6.  Beside above we have labs in Physics, Chemistry and Biology equipped with instruments to do experiments.
7. Access to the Library.
8. Free entry to the galleries of the science Centre and Science park.9. We also have a design studio. This area offers a creative environment and young people are encouraged to conceive new designs and fabricate new items, products, craft and so forth.

Registration Process:
1. Membership of Innovation Hub can be availed by filling up the registration form. The requirements are – two passport size photographs, Identity Proof and registration fee of Rs. 1,000/- (Demand Draft/Pay Order or cash only) for 1 year. Cheques will not be accepted.
2. The enrolment can be done from Morning 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM by paying the requisite fee at the Centre. Registrations will be strictly on first come first served basis.
Note: for registration of others please contact RSC, Bhopal over phone to 0755-2661655 or mail at or at
For any further information and details you may contact us 0755-2661655, 0755-2665042 or write to us on

Click here to download the Membership registration form for Innovation Hub. (Individual)

Throughout the year different programmes are organised in the Innovation Hub viz.

• Orientation Programmes
• A Day with Mentor
• Project Icon development
• Project: LEGO based Robotics
• Project on Hydroponics
• Interaction with Scientist/Technocrats
• Workshop on 3D Designing
• Workshop on Mathematics
• Workshop on Astronomy
• Workshop on Biotechnology (School and college Level)
• Workshop on BioScience
• Workshop on Bioinformatics
• Workshop on Physics (School and College Level)
• Workshop on Exploring Nature (Sanjeevika Medicinal Corner)
• Workshop on Electronics
• Learning with Aurdino
• Experimental Chemistry
• Innovation festival
• Lectures related to different science streams
• Creative sessions on Tod PhodJod/Kabad Se Jugad
• Design Contest/Challenge on ‘Grass root Technologies/Local Innovations’
• Workshops on Grass root Innovations
• Exhibition by young students on ‘Innovation’ or ‘Innovative Products/Designs’
• Hands-on Training based on Biotechnology.
• Make your own science models and kits.
• Investigative projects.


Regional Science Centre
Banganga Road, Shyamla Hills
Bhopal- 462002

Phone : +91 -0755-2661655

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