Mobile Science Exhibition

Mobile Science Exhibition

Regional science centre Bhopal has a Mobile Science Exhibition (MSE) bus containing 19 exhibits which goes to the remote areas of M.P. for creating scientific awareness.
The present theme of the exhibition is: “How Things Work”.

The list of exhibits in “How Things Work” exhibition are:
1. Lock
2. Hand Pump
3. Freewheel
4. Four Stroke Engine
5. Two Stroke Engine
6. Aerofoil
7. Mixer
8. Motor
9. Transformer
10. Electric Bell
11. Automobile Clutch
12. Automobile Brake
13. Loud Speaker
14. Water Tap
15. Screw Jacks
16. Microscope
17. CCTV
18. Printing Press
19. Submarine

The salient features of these exhibitions are:-
These exhibition are held in school compounds situated in villages or small towns.
Science Demonstration Lectures and Anti-superstition Demonstrations are also held during the MSE programmes.
Sky observation programmes are also done during the evenings at the site of exhibition.
Science films are also projected everyday as a part of the MSE programme.

Requirements to hold the MSE programme are;
230V A/C power supply
Condition of the approaching road to the school -Bitumen road
Height & Width of the Gate: More than 3.5Metre for each
Free space required for the movement of 11 metre long MSE bus.
Accommodation for a team of 3 persons.
Space for safe parking of the MSE Bus (with night guard).

The interested schools fulfilling the above requirement may please contact at the following address:

Project Coordinator
Regional Science Centre
Banganga Road,
Shyamla Hills,
BHOPAL -462002

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